Typing Service

Admin Assistance supplies a responsive online typing service that facilitates a plethora of typing requirements both personal and business alike.

This is a professional typing service to help scale and produce a document which is precise and clean.

Whatever the typing task to be accomplish, Admin Assistance will provide a convenient, yet cost effective way of getting the job done.

How it works: all you have to do is send in your text file, audio file or scanned copy of your document(s), ensuring each page is clear and legible to read. Provide all the necessary information associated with the work and your planned time-frame, together with how you would like the document to be delivered to you and/or a recipient.

Please be conscious of the word count and number of pages needed in each document as well as the format required - this will be used to determine the full scope intended for the final draft to be produced. 

After the details of the work have been established, you will then be given a free quotation and an estimated delivery time. Then once an evaluation has been made, your work will be pending until you action the work to start.

More detail about your document(s), maybe required so to ascertain the depth of the work; information such as copyright, format/style, audience and layout. This makes your work just that little bit more special. ​​
 Knowing you have a professional to draft and proofread company documents and correspondences, is important for the overall presentation and professionalism of the company.

As a business the best way to ensure your work is delivered in an adequate and consistent way, is to ensure this aspect of the admin process is fit and ready for the role.

This particular online typing service operates as resource made available to companies in need of the staff and the tools, to assist with the continued maintenance of the company's back-office workload.

Working alongside your business is what Admin Assistance is here to do, helping you to manage daily commitments and to achieve long-term objectives.

If you're looking for a reputable admin service that can go off and get the work done on your behalf, Admin Assistance is the best service for you.

The service is easy to access, versatile and practical. 

There's more...

What would you like to type?

  • Letters
  • Content Marketing
  • Booklets
  • Application Forms
  • Proposals
  • Assignments
  • Reports
  • Schedules/Rotas
  • Leaflets​

What else?

Here at Admin Assistance, you can also use the typing service for filling in forms, curating marketing templates,  drafting guidance notes as well as typing up company policies & procedures. 
​​Amongst many other typing tasks, this service can be of assistance with changes to texual layouts, reformatting and repurposing out of date material.

What to do next?

Go ahead, get in touch to discuss your typing requirements and start your work today! 

Also, if you need further information about this service, please use the contact form below and we'll be happy to help. 

Services and Tasks

Below are examples of ways you can put together services and tasks. 
  • Fill Out a Form
  • Type a Letter
  • Format a Template
  • Draft a Leaflet
  • Email Clients
  • Word Processing
  • Copy Typing
  • Proofread a Letter
  • Transfer Data
  • Client Liaison
  • Contact Suppliers
  • Written Correspondence
  • Central Records Updates
  • Book/Send Appointments
  • Raise Invoices
  • Customer Support
  • Proofread Email Campaign
  • Membership Invitation

  • Daily Remote Administrator
  • Diary Management
  • Invoicing/Billing
  • Balance - Weekly Income/Expenditure
  • Update CRM Database
  • Email Correspondence
  • Update Records
  • Format eBook
  • Social Media Updates
Whatever administrative task you require, and it can be found at Admin Assistance, go ahead and get the job done today! 
Every example of tasks highlighted within each service department above are available at your request. All administrative and secretarial duties requested will be carried out remotely and at your convenience. 

Admin Assistance also provides access to supporting platforms and software that assist with the secure transferring and sharing of company data.
If you would like a bit more structure with your time, Admin Assistance can offer you a 'Package Option'. Packages enable you to utilise set periods of time to carry out specific pieces of work. You can also use the Package Option’ to swap tasks around as and when necessary.
If you would like to find out more, please use the form below to contact Admin Assistance.
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