"We at Smart Process have recently used the services of Admin Assistance for our company policies, schedules, employee contracts and various other documents.
I can confirm that the service we got was very professional, in depth and very thorough.
The lady that dealt with us was really helpful and knew what documents we required and had an excellent knowledge of the different forms and procedures involved.
When it came to delivering our objective to our employees, she was also very helpful and she gave us a step by step guide of how to do this without alarming our present staff.
We had a couple of consultations discussing our needs and she went off and came back on the date promised with all our documents.
We will definitely be using this service again and have already recommended Admin Assistance to a couple of companies we are affiliated with.
Good luck to you guys at Admin Assistance and speak to you soon."
Steven South

"I am a Psychological and Emotional Therapist, Life Coach, Celebrant and Distributor of Protandum. I was looking for admin support and for the burden of admin to be taken off my shoulders so I could get on with the work I am trained in. I actually got out of it exactly what I wanted, support in the work I required completing, but also support when things were a little tough, Dee was there encouraging and understanding.
I think people/businesses should use Admin Assistance if they want to get on with the work they want to do and be assured that all the admin work is being taken care of, so peace of mind, good customer support and a wing man (woman)."

Look after yourself I wish you every success xxxx Glynes  

“Working with Admin Assistance has proven to be the best thing I could do for my garage.
I remember I wanted to get in touch with a particular supplier I had previously used and I couldn’t remember their name or find any of their paperwork.
I saw a poster about Admin Assistance and contacted them straight away. It was so simple and fast to get the work done and now my company paperwork is organised and has been filed away properly.”

Great work Dee

“I had a big order come in during Christmas and got completely tied up with bringing the whole order together. I found Admin Assistance on Google then contacted them.
My online administrator Dee was really accommodating and patient with me throughout, she helped me to update my inventory list online and sorted out my bookkeeping records. I found the service very handy and useful for small businesses like mine.”

Huge thanks x

  1. Admin Assistance - multiple cushions of different colours
​​"I work in a disabled people’s organisation, with clients who are often in crisis.
My PA was able to work using her own initiative and did not need regular supervision or instructions. She was extremely organised and thorough in her approach. She also understood the importance of confidentiality as the information she had been managing was included as extremely sensitive information and breaches of confidentiality could have put my clients, who are vulnerable, at risk of further abuse and violence.
I would happily re-employ my PA in an administration role as she has been of good assistance to me."

Lucia Bellini
 “Nothing but a pleasure to achieve success in a coalition. We are continuously working on new projects through business exchange.”



  1. Thium Jewellery
    Stylish jewellery that not only looks great but lasts long too
  2. Supported Journeys
    Therapy treats behaviours and can break unhelpful patterns ​​
  3. ID Bruce
    Painter & Decorator
  4. JSG Metering Solutions
    Leading UK suppliers of Smart Electricity Meters​​
If you would like to get in touch with any of these companies, please contact Admin Assistance to find out more.