The 'Packages' are fixed time-frames designed to enable a more compact approach in bringing together your workload.

Below are examples of this.

Some 'Tasks' will vary in duration and complexity, so there isn't always an identical way to perform them. If you know exactly what you want to do with your time, and already have a system in place, then just complete the Contact Form  explaining what you need.  

Prices can also be pre-arranged based on the work involved.

10 Hours

10 hours gives you plenty of time to achieve a combination of admin tasks e.g.

  • Diary Management
  • Typing 
  • Client Liasion
  • Database Design + Population
  • Invoicing & Billing

Hour Service

​​ This 1 hour service goes that little bit further. Use the Hour Service for individual one off tasks or to assist with those essential updates or to

  • Write a CV
  • Create a Mailing List
  • Filter a Database to Use Immediately
  • Transfer Data
  • Update Social Media

30 Hours

On average, a working week is between 30 - 40 hours long. This is useful for sourcing data, updating records and disseminate infomation

  • Basic Research
  • Stock Control
  • Templates & Formatting
  • Data Entry
  • Reminders/Follow Up 

60 Hours

60 hours can be spread over a short period of time, and can assist a Bespoke Project

  • Bookings & Appointments
  • Client Courtesty Call
  • Venue Finding
  • Membership Invitation
  • Email Campaign

40 Hours

On average, a working week is between 30 - 40 hours long. This can provide ample time to produce documentation as well as collate information

  • Document Control
  • Accounts Receivable/Payable
  • Payment Processing
  • Database Cleanse
  • Collate & Group Files

100 Hours

100 hours gives you the opportunity to start going through extensive 
back-office work. Admin support for each business varies, and may peak at different times throughout the year

  • Data Resource Management
  • Central Records Update
  • Bookkeeping
  • Close & ArchiveJobs
  • Word Processing

These current Packages are evolving and won't last at these exclusive rates forever. If you want to take advantage of these great prices, Act Now, use this opportunity to accomplish your tasks today!

If you're looking for a trustworthy professional admin service in London, Admin Assistance also offers an extra on-site local service. Where you'll receive additional support at your place of business as well as a consultation on many other business options.  
Once you have chosen your appropriate package, got an idea of your tasks, ensured the package duration is long enough and suitable for your type of business.
You can then add each task onto the
Contact Form  and submit your request.


Below is a list of 'Tasks' that display a varied selection of example office duties to choose from.
You can also add one or more 'Tasks' to your 'Package' time-frame or Ongoing Personnel Service.







  1. Updates/Amendments
  2. Book Appointments/Visits
  3. Stock Control (updates only)
  4. Update Rota/Tasks
  5. New Customer Information
  6. Raise Purchase Orders
  7. New Supplier Infomation
  8. Update Payment Log
  9. Update - Call-Outs (jobs)
  1. Data Resource Management
  2. Database Population
  3. Update Supplier Records
  4. Create & Database Maintenance
  5. Update Distribution Records
  6. Database Cleanse
  7. Clear Customer Payments
  8. Close - Visits and Call-Outs
  9. Collate and Group Files
  1. Customer Liaison
  2. Correspondence/Communication
  3. Copy/Audio Typing
  4. Proofreading
  5. Reminders or Follow Up
  6. Word Processsing
  7. Client Courtesy Call
  8. Membership Invitations
  1. Daily Online Administrator
  2. Diary Management
  3. Accounts Payable/Receivable
  4. Cash Flow Monitoring
  5. Invoicing/Billing
  6. Balance Income/Expenditure
  7. Format eBook
  8. Bookkeeping (basic)
  1. Internal Processes/Procedures
  2. Template Design
  3. Appointments Procedure
  4. Website Updates
  5. Guidance Notes
  6. Daily Rota/Scheduling
  7. Central Records Management
  1. Event Planning (small)
  2. Venue Finding/Booking
  3. Mail-Outs
  4. Book Transportation
  5. On-Site Work
  6. Basic Research
  7. Reconciliation
Adding 'Tasks' to the Contact Form

When you have decided which tasks are suitable for you, please go to the
Contact Form  to insert all your options, then submit request.

Can’t find what you’re looking for!

Just send in your written request using the Contact Form,  and then we can discuss the options that are more suitable for you, and/or your business.