Professional Administrative Services

  Admin Assistance is an online administrative support service. This service provides expertise and skill to individuals and businesses that require a convenient typing service, regular back-office support or consistency with data management and record keeping.

Whether you need the service for one hour, a couple of hours or once a month, Admin Assistance will take care of all your admin needs and be available whenever you’re not.

This multi-faceted service is stress-free and dedicated to you and your business. ​
Always aiming to ensure your experience here is worthwhile.
Services To Suit You

You can rest assured, all your administrative tasks are completely taken care of here.

  1. Businesses On The Go
    Having the right person handling your company’s back-office workload means more time to focus on running the business.
  2. Typing Service
    Professional online typing service that gives you access to a remote secretary. With resources and tools to edit, convert and format an array of documents formal and informal.
  3. Record Management
    Good company record keeping can now take place near or far. Managing internal company data will require coherent systematic practices.

 Virtual Admin Services

At Admin Assistance all services are designed to benefit individuals as well as businesses. 

Hire a Virtual Assistant to help with;

CRM Management

Typing Documents

Data Entry

Customer Liaison

Social Media Updates

Daily Back-Office Assistance

​​This easy to access online admin service is only an email away from ensuring your administrative tasks are completed on time and at your convenience.

If you run a business and are in need of an extra pair of hands or maybe you just need someone to fill-in in the absence of staff. The low costs and resourceful packages at Admin Assistance will surely allow for a beneficial return each and every time.

In addition, when utilising the Admin Assistance's services, you'll instantly have access an online personal assistant, increase your service productivity, gain business efficiency as well as the crucial implementation of clerical skill that meets all your administrative needs.

It doesn’t take much to make an enquiry or submit your request. All of the service options available are accessible whenever or wherever in the world you are.

Admin Assistance is always here for you.


Here to help manage your customer data.